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On behalf of the board of directors for the West Virginia chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (WV ACHE), welcome!  Our Board is comprised of dedicated professionals across the state who are committed to serve the needs of our profession. ACHE’s mission is to advance our members and healthcare leadership excellence through education, engagement and inspiration to improve. As a board and as a chapter, we are committed to this mission and to these goals.

The past two and a half years have been unlike any we have seen. It has been a challenging time for our communities, patients, staff and providers. We have had to adapt to changes in education, communication and facilitating the professional networking that supports our member’s growth and development. Through the commitment of our Board and members, we are redoubling our efforts to provide regular education opportunities focusing on critical issues of the day that effect our organizations, our staff and our patients. We invite you to participate on chapter committees, help us identify new ways to reach current and prospective members, and engage with our many student members.

If you are not already a Fellow of the ACHE (FACHE), then we encourage you to start your journey now. The FACHE application and requirements can be found clicking here. The FACHE is a mark of distinction in healthcare management. We encourage each of you to participate in the education offerings throughout the year, to connect with and collaborate with other members of our chapter and ACHE.

If you have any questions, suggested improvements or would like to start your FACHE journey, please feel free to reach out to me.

Warmest regards,

Erik L. Carlton, DrPH, MS, CPH, FACHE